Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can affect any family, at any time. Buts stigmas around these issues can prevent parents from reaching out for help, for fear that they or their child will be judged.

Fortunately, there’s hope. People are breaking down barriers and talking more openly about mental illness and mental health issues. And with increased awareness and visibility comes greater access to resources for parents who struggle with these challenges.

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as depression, self-harm, and how to obtain the help your child needs.

What Do I Do if My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to School?

Jamie Little, MSW
Class of 2017 Social Worker
Neuqua Valley High School

What Do I Do if My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to School?

It’s normal if your child doesn’t want to go to school once in a while. It becomes a problem when they are refusing to go to school. Most of the time, there is some type of anxiety behind refusing to go to school. That anxiety can be for many reasons. A good person to initially contact at the school if you feel that your child is refusing to go school is either the school social worker or guidance counselor. Sometimes, just having a meeting with that person, yourself, and the child can help. Getting the student into the building is very important. If for some reason the child continues to refuse, there are different programs out there that will do an assessment to see the level of anxiety/refusal; places like Alexian Brothers, Central DuPage Hospital, and Linden Oaks are just a few.