Drugs and Alcohol

From casual use of marijuana to the heroin and opioid epidemic and prescription drug abuse, parents have a lot to worry about. Substance abuse can alter your child’s personality and brain chemistry and can derail their future. You might be wondering: How do I know if my child is using drugs? How do I talk to my teen about heroin? How can I help my child overcome prescription drug abuse?

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as how to recognize the signs of substance abuse, how to handle heroin or opioid use, how to keep your child from abusing prescription drugs, what to say to your child who thinks marijuana is “no big deal”, and other ways in which you can help your child grow up with a healthy attitude toward drugs and alcohol.

What Are the Dangers of Allowing Underage Drinking in My Home?

Commander Ken Parcel
Naperville Police Department
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Naperville, IL 60540

Parents need to know the dangers of allowing underage drinking in their home:

Underage Drinking is Illegal: It is a crime in Illinois and under City ordinance:

It is a CRIMINAL Offense for parents to allow minors, or anyone under the age of 21, to drink at ANY property they own, including homes, cabins, boats, lakes, or campgrounds.

Parents Face Civil Liability:

Parent or legal guardian is liable for damages for WILLFUL or MALICIOUS acts of their child.
Theft, vandalism, fighting, injuries, sexual assaults, property destruction, etc.

Parents Have a Moral responsibility:
The job of a parent is to help your kids navigate the decision making process AND intervene and stop them when those decisions can have drastic and potentially deadly consequences. Expectations, boundaries, and limits are good.

Kids have heard and been taught “Just Say No”! Parenting is TOUGH- Parents MUST be up the challenge to “Just Say No” when it matters most.

  • Be Aware and look around
  • Use your all your senses; ask questions, challenge their answers… Trust BUT Verify
  • Reach Out. We are a community of many resources.