Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can affect any family, at any time. Buts stigmas around these issues can prevent parents from reaching out for help, for fear that they or their child will be judged.

Fortunately, there’s hope. People are breaking down barriers and talking more openly about mental illness and mental health issues. And with increased awareness and visibility comes greater access to resources for parents who struggle with these challenges.

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as depression, self-harm, and how to obtain the help your child needs.

My Child Is Moody, Argumentative, and Making Poor Choices. What Can I Do?

Beth A. Packer, MSW, LCSW
Social Worker for the Class of 2015
Neuqua Valley High School

One reason for seeing argumentative and moody child is that developmentally, teens are changing physically, socially, emotionally:

How their brain works is expanding so their understanding of things is becoming greater which then leads to more questioning

One of the main characteristics of this time is the development of their identity or sense of self. More influence from peers, moving away from family/parents influence which may lead to more conflict with your teen or why you see some of these changes

It is important to understand some of these changes while also maintaining the following:

Clear expectations
Clear and consistent consequences (logical, fair, age appropriate – follow through)
Structure and routine (family and theirs)
Encouragement to try new things and accept outcomes
Empowerment that they have the skills to handle different situations