Schoolwork and Competition

We all want our kids to succeed in life. But between the pressure placed on them by both parents and peers, many teens face a serious test to their resiliency and emotional health. How do we find the fine line between encouraging our kids and pushing them to the point of anxiety? How do we equip them to resist peer pressure and be happy and successful students?

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as what to do if your child has school anxiety, how to set reasonable expectations, how to help them balance academics and athletics, and other ways you can help your child.

How Do I Help My Teen Navigate High School and Become an Independent, Resilient and Confident Learner…..Without Becoming Too Involved?

Social Worker
Neuqua Valley High School

Helping Your Teen Navigate High School to Become an Independent, Resilient, and Confident Is a Process – for Both Parent and Student

  • Establish expectations during freshman year—sets the standard for 4 years
  • Guide your adolescent in how to communicate with teachers: face-to-face, email
  • Teachers prefer to hear from the student, not the parent
  • Parent’s role changes as adolescent takes responsibility for their own learning
  • Manager to Consultant


  • Take ownership for their own learning
  • Accept responsibility and consequences of their decisions/actions
  • Communicate directly with their teachers

NO SET PLAN TO FOLLOW, Use your school resources:

  • Guidance Counselor – will be with your child for 4 years
  • Have experience in guiding and encouraging students to take responsibility for their education
  • Ask counselor if they feel you are becoming over involved
  • What’s developmentally appropriate for each grade level
  • Social Worker – will be with your child for 4 years
  • Also have experience in guiding/encouraging students to take responsibility for their education
  • Provide social-emotional support as students navigate their social world
  • Consult with them on how to handle problems at home and school
  • Teachers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask them what they expect from the students and what they expect from you as a parent