Bullying and Cybercrimes

Bullies have been around since time immemorial. However, we adults have a bad history of brushing off bullying as a normal part of growing up. We wouldn’t accept assault or harassment from our coworkers, but we expect our children to handle these things on their own – or worse, to ignore them. With the frightening and confusing new world of cyberbullying, it’s well past time to give this issue the seriousness it deserves.

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as in-person bullying, cyberbullying, sextortion, along with actionable advice so you can help your child.

How do I help my child deal with the stress of living in a very competitive and materialistic community?

Dan Peterson, MS LCPC
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Owner of The Compass 4 Life
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1. Treatment for Anxiety, perfectionism, depression, and stress in children and adolescents
2. Bullying
3. Drug and alcohol use in teenagers
4. How to help your child or student deal with competition and improve their self esteem