Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can affect any family, at any time. Buts stigmas around these issues can prevent parents from reaching out for help, for fear that they or their child will be judged.

Fortunately, there’s hope. People are breaking down barriers and talking more openly about mental illness and mental health issues. And with increased awareness and visibility comes greater access to resources for parents who struggle with these challenges.

These videos offer parental support and information on topics such as depression, self-harm, and how to obtain the help your child needs.

How Do I Help My Child Balance Commitment to Academics and Athletics?

Barb Barrows
Athletic Director
Neuqua Valley High School
Naperville, IL

Student Comes First as a Student Athlete!
Know that choosing to participate in a sport and athletics comes with a large commitment. Students will need to make sacrifices and adjust in becoming more responsible, diligent & organized. Developing good habits, setting priorities & good time management is KEY!

Good Study Habits
Planning ahead in using a calendar or assignment book, carve out time on weeknights and weekends to study. Study in chunks of time, so as not to cram the night before. Eliminate the distractions. Studies have shown, multitasking while trying to do homework results in twice as much time to complete the task. Stay FOCUSED!

Prioritizing time means there will be less time for socializing, watching TV, twitter, video game, etc…. Cut the excess or limit the amount of time viewing TV, games, computer, etc….

Time Management
Athletes in season tend to be more organized and balance time than in the off-season. Use down time for specific assignments or reviewing notes. Take advantage of resource room during the day, PLC Wed. afternoons to work on homework and / or use time while on the bus. Ask for help from the teacher, study with teammates, and let your coach know if you are struggling in a class. They may be able to assist and can provide extra time if needing to study.

Parents establish parameters with your son or daughter. Helping develop a good routine at home is essential. Keep communication open and checking grades regularly will keep you informed.

If the demand of sports appears to be too much, look for ways to improve habits before quitting. Keep line of communication open. Empower your son and daughter in the process and while insisting that academics are a priority, guide your child in changing habits. He/she is responsible for his/ her academic success. Learning how to find balance will add to the positive experience of being a student athlete.