Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Raising teenagers is hard. And we think we’ve got a handle on things … until we don’t.

When our children face major issues, it’s hard to know where to turn. How can you help your child make smart choices?

Parental support can come from many sources, but in times of crisis, being able to hear what experts have to say can arm you with the knowledge you need to get those difficult conversations started.

We’ve gathered a team of experts from our community to create a series of videos. In these videos, our experts answer questions on such topics as drug abuse, peer pressure, mental health issues, and healthy teenage sexuality.

If you’re facing a situation not addressed by our videos or if you need further guidance, we can still help. Our Live Support option puts you in touch (either in person or over the phone) with a professional from Linden Oaks Behavioral Health.

We’re all in this together, finding solutions for our community’s children.