We’re All in This Together

No Judgment.

No Pressure.

Just Understanding.

Parents Matter Too provides Naperville parents with a safe place to talk and learn about today’s toughest parenting challenges.

We offer a shoulder you can lean on and a sympathetic ear for those times when you need to talk things out. We’re a reliable source of expert information, resources, and suggestions when you don’t know where else to turn.

And we want you to know that you’re never alone.

If you ever experience that heart-dropping moment when you realize your child is NOT okay, Parents Matter Too is here to help you quickly get the solid facts and grounded advice you need to move forward.

Our Story

Our parent organization, KidsMatter, helps Naperville kids develop the resiliency and decision-making skills to say “no” to destructive choices as they navigate the challenges of growing up.

Although we were accomplishing so much for our kids, we knew a piece of the puzzle was missing. To truly support these kids, we also needed to support their families – particularly as these kids approach their teen years.

That’s why we started Parents Matter Too. Our Conversation Circles, Ask the Expert, and trusted resources are all designed to give parents the full range of tools and support they need to raise healthy, happy kids into healthy, happy young adults.

Usually, we as parents, tend to feel that we communicate very well with our kids, and our kids communicate very well with us. Then when kids develop destructive habits, parents get taken by surprise and they say, “But I’m so close to my child, and I don’t know how this happened.” Parents Matter Too provides this really, really strong tool to help parents understand what real communication means. It’s not just your daily mundane conversations, but actually how to be open to ideas both ways. I’ve had parents coming back to me and saying, “Oh, I didn’t think of approaching my child this way.”

     — Jayanthi Sundararajan, Conversation Circle facilitator