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Heroin use

Heroin and opioid use is a serious problem in our community, and sticking our heads in the sand doesn’t help. Learn why heroin is such a problem in Naperville and how you can help your child make good choices.

13 Reasons Why

This controversial show is about suicide, bullying, and sexual assault. How do you approach your child about these topics and open up the conversation? Get support and strategies so you and your child can start talking.


When a photo can travel the world with just the click of a button, the sharing of risqué photos can have repercussions far beyond what your child can imagine. Find out how to approach this tricky subject with your child.

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Parents raising teenagers in our community are struggling as their children battle drug addiction, mental health issues, teenage sexuality, and more. Help us provide the support they need to best help their kids. Don’t let them fight these problems alone.

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